Tips to Being a Total Badass With Women

Videos and E-books teach you how to get any woman you want

Guys. do you really know what women are really looking for when you approach them? Unfortunately, women are very complicated creatures, and trying to get in their minds and provide them exactly what they are looking for would absolutely destroy normal guys. But you are no longer normal, you are obviously trying to pick up your game so you too can be an absolute badass with women. In this post I am going to provide some tips you can use the next time you are out trying to find the elusive women of your dreams.

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Keep The Conversation Going

This is the tricky part for most men, but not you. Try these fool proof tips to avoid the dreadful awkward silence that occur in most conversations with someone you just met.

  •    Ask Plenty of Questions, Make Her Feel You Are Interested.

First, ask questions to learn more about your potential partner. Remember though to be yourself. Don’t ask questions that put you outside your comfort zone. The questions should be genuine and non threatening to her. Ask her authentic questions that are congruent with who you are, without an agenda or hidden motive. The goal here is to gain her trust and a feeling of comfort around you. This is the time to display your renewed confidence.

  •  Be Observant and Perceptive

Pay attention to your surroundings. What are the other people doing, Where are they hanging out, what are they doing to stay entertained? This will be a constant source of conversation, and will keep the communication going for hours. Just make sure you are always honest, women can sniff out BS a mile away.

  • Keep Present with what’s happening around you

Focus on what is going on in front of you. Actively listen to what you partner has to say. Try not to think about outside influences, which will distract you from the conversation and more than likely end up with you saying something stupid or non-related to the current conversation.

  •   There are two things that attract women faster than looks or money

Ask any women and nearly all of them will say the same thing. The two things that attract them most is confidence and humor. A woman does not want a guy who has no confidence and is afraid to talk with them or worse yet make them feel as if they need to console the guy they are talking with. Women have to deal with that with their kids, friends, parents, and lord knows who else. the last thing they want when they are out is to have someone needy trying to pick them up. Women also love to laugh, so feel free to be as funny as you want. Just remember to start slowly before moving to areas that could be considered offensive to them. By using the methods above during normal conversation you will quickly learn what they feel is appropriate humor and what they consider offensive.

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