The Tao of Badass: A System That Teaches Guys Self Confidence when Talking To Women!

Joshua Pellicer deserves an award for personally being a badass in coming up with his book, The Tao of Badass. Most people may definitely term it as one of the notorious publications of all time. This is just but a short extract of the book. However, be warned, the more you understand what the book is all about, the more you will appreciate how fascinating the author is and you will not resist getting yourself a copy of the publication. Actually, you can pick up a copy right now by clicking here. A Badass With Women

Well, part from containing several dating tips for men, the book has plenty of information that will assist any man become a badass with women in a good way. The term badass should not dissuade you. Joshua Pellicer is simply teaching you to come up with vital, extremely premeditated moves that will make you attractive by being a badass for all the good reasons.

What you will learn from the book

The game of seduction can be enjoyable when the two entangling people know the right keys to press.

Simple dating tips for men are not adequate to achieve positive outcomes. What one needs is a comprehensive guide focusing on establishing a basis where one will gain a firm ground they can use as their ultimate weapon.

The best thing is that, simple thoughts, which you can understand upfront forms the basis of the book. It does not beat around the bush rather it goes straight to the issue. The book will give you tips on how you can gain an upper hand in a conversation. It also depicts how men behave foolishly around women and how to avoid being a loser man who allows the best females slip away.

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Joshua Pellicer presents three stages on establishing novel beliefs and how this can become permanent part of your life. The book also discusses in detail the diverse types of personality of men in order for them to handle each without difficulty. It assists men who cannot deal with individual personality.

Comparison with other books

Unlike other similar books, this one focuses on what females need the most, the test of dating a badass partner. A number of guides do not usually admit that the given tips may not work for all men. Most of these tutorials and books ignore the issue of personality and problems associated with self-confidence, which are both critical.

The Tao of Badass is a relatively simple book to understand. However, it requires a lot of patience, interest and persistence to put into action the book contents. The truth is that, contents can become a reality if one put into practice what they have read.


This is a great guide, which will help you pick up 101 plus women. The book may sound to be good to be real, however, unless you try out what Joshua Pellicer depicts in his book. You will be surprised how the book can transform you into a lovable badass. It will make quite a significant difference in your dating as well as how you view your life in totality.

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