Tips to Being a Total Badass With Women

Videos and E-books teach you how to get any woman you want

Guys. do you really know what women are really looking for when you approach them? Unfortunately, women are very complicated creatures, and trying to get in their minds and provide them exactly what they are looking for would absolutely destroy normal guys. But you are no longer normal, you are obviously trying to pick up your game so you too can be an absolute badass with women. In this post I am going to provide some tips you can use the next time you are out trying to find the elusive women of your dreams.

These tips are only going to scratch the surface, if you want to learn more then you can pick up your copy of the Tao of Badass, a complete guide for average guys trying to master the art of dating beautiful women. It is a world renowned step by step instruction teaching guys exactly what women are looking for and how you can influence their decisions by giving them exactly what they want.

Keep The Conversation Going

This is the tricky part for most men, but not you. Try these fool proof tips to avoid the dreadful awkward silence that occur in most conversations with someone you just met.

  •    Ask Plenty of Questions, Make Her Feel You Are Interested.

First, ask questions to learn more about your potential partner. Remember though to be yourself. Don’t ask questions that put you outside your comfort zone. The questions should be genuine and non threatening to her. Ask her authentic questions that are congruent with who you are, without an agenda or hidden motive. The goal here is to gain her trust and a feeling of comfort around you. This is the time to display your renewed confidence.

  •  Be Observant and Perceptive

Pay attention to your surroundings. What are the other people doing, Where are they hanging out, what are they doing to stay entertained? This will be a constant source of conversation, and will keep the communication going for hours. Just make sure you are always honest, women can sniff out BS a mile away.

  • Keep Present with what’s happening around you

Focus on what is going on in front of you. Actively listen to what you partner has to say. Try not to think about outside influences, which will distract you from the conversation and more than likely end up with you saying something stupid or non-related to the current conversation.

  •   There are two things that attract women faster than looks or money

Ask any women and nearly all of them will say the same thing. The two things that attract them most is confidence and humor. A woman does not want a guy who has no confidence and is afraid to talk with them or worse yet make them feel as if they need to console the guy they are talking with. Women have to deal with that with their kids, friends, parents, and lord knows who else. the last thing they want when they are out is to have someone needy trying to pick them up. Women also love to laugh, so feel free to be as funny as you want. Just remember to start slowly before moving to areas that could be considered offensive to them. By using the methods above during normal conversation you will quickly learn what they feel is appropriate humor and what they consider offensive.

Alright guys, this is just a small taste of what the Tao of Badass Offers you. There are videos and PDFs that go into these tips thoroughly. There is no reason to wait any longer to get your membership to the Tao of Badass now and learn exactly what it takes to be a complete badass with women starting today.

Buy your Tao of Badass membership, videos, PDFs, and all the bonuses right now. There is no time like the present to start dating the woman of your dreams. To see a complete review of what the Tao of Badass offers you can check that out right here, for an earlier review.


The Tao of Badass: A System That Teaches Guys Self Confidence when Talking To Women!

Joshua Pellicer deserves an award for personally being a badass in coming up with his book, The Tao of Badass. Most people may definitely term it as one of the notorious publications of all time. This is just but a short extract of the book. However, be warned, the more you understand what the book is all about, the more you will appreciate how fascinating the author is and you will not resist getting yourself a copy of the publication. Actually, you can pick up a copy right now by clicking here. A Badass With Women

Well, part from containing several dating tips for men, the book has plenty of information that will assist any man become a badass with women in a good way. The term badass should not dissuade you. Joshua Pellicer is simply teaching you to come up with vital, extremely premeditated moves that will make you attractive by being a badass for all the good reasons.

What you will learn from the book

The game of seduction can be enjoyable when the two entangling people know the right keys to press.

Simple dating tips for men are not adequate to achieve positive outcomes. What one needs is a comprehensive guide focusing on establishing a basis where one will gain a firm ground they can use as their ultimate weapon.

The best thing is that, simple thoughts, which you can understand upfront forms the basis of the book. It does not beat around the bush rather it goes straight to the issue. The book will give you tips on how you can gain an upper hand in a conversation. It also depicts how men behave foolishly around women and how to avoid being a loser man who allows the best females slip away.

If you are looking for a complete review of the Tao of Badass then click here.

Joshua Pellicer presents three stages on establishing novel beliefs and how this can become permanent part of your life. The book also discusses in detail the diverse types of personality of men in order for them to handle each without difficulty. It assists men who cannot deal with individual personality.

Comparison with other books

Unlike other similar books, this one focuses on what females need the most, the test of dating a badass partner. A number of guides do not usually admit that the given tips may not work for all men. Most of these tutorials and books ignore the issue of personality and problems associated with self-confidence, which are both critical.

The Tao of Badass is a relatively simple book to understand. However, it requires a lot of patience, interest and persistence to put into action the book contents. The truth is that, contents can become a reality if one put into practice what they have read.


This is a great guide, which will help you pick up 101 plus women. The book may sound to be good to be real, however, unless you try out what Joshua Pellicer depicts in his book. You will be surprised how the book can transform you into a lovable badass. It will make quite a significant difference in your dating as well as how you view your life in totality.

The Tao of Badass – Learn The Secrets Of Picking Up Beautiful Women. Feel Confident Talking To Any Woman You Want!

The Tao Of Badass Helped Me and Now It Can Help You Too!

The Tao of Badass Attraction System

Learn How to Have Beautiful Women Chase You!

Alright guys The Tao Of Badass works, and here is how I know it works. Being someone who doesn’t like to promote a product without purchasing it first, I bought the Tao of Badass and read all the ebooks and watched all the videos to see if this product could really help guys pick up beautiful women. I was amazed at all the detail the Tao of Badass contained, and all the different subjects that were covered. Originally, I was just going to read it and decide myself if the information was valuable or not. I had no intention of actually trying it out. But it is funny how life throws us some curve balls every once in a while. Click here to see how I gained the confidence needed to talk to any woman I want.

The Tao of Badass

When I was single and in the military I spent a lot of time overseas and needless to say partied all the time. But I could never get the courage up to try and hit on a wow factor kind of girl. There were no books for picking up women at that time, at least that I knew of, and definitely nothing like the Tao of Badass. Now I never had any confidence because I was always afraid of rejection. Sure I would get lucky once in a while, but it was with women you sneak out early in the morning because you do not want your friends see her leave. Don’t laugh we have all been there more than once. I single-handedly proved the theory that ugly women need loving too is in fact correct. Of course they probably thought the same thing about me.

Well that was a while ago and now times have changed. I am married now and my wife is fully aware of the Tao of badass product and what the claims are. She said that it is bogus. Now we like to go out and pretend we are still young and party it up sometimes, and our dance moves are still stuck in the 70s, but we have fun anyway. Every once in a while we go visit our daughters who both go to Colorado State University, and when we do we go out have some drinks and go dancing. Needless to say there are a lot of beautiful women there. Anyway, we were visiting one weekend and I told my wife that I could get a hot girl’s phone number before the end of the night. She laughed at me saying I was crazy and these girls would think I was just a dirty old man, in her mind I had no chance what so ever of getting anyone’s phone number, so in her cocky condescending voice she told me to go for it.

I wasn’t sure how the night was going to turn out, but I did know if it didn’t work I would be the laughing stock of my family, and I would have to hear I told you so. During the night we went to a couple of different bars hung out and had a really good time. I felt confident and ended up using what I learned in the Tao of Badass to casually talk to about 4 or 5

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass teaches you how to approach women in a group and become part of their circle.

girls and ended up with not one phone number but three phone numbers, all from hot girls between the ages of 25 and 32.  To find out how I was able to get their numbers. Now my wife knows I would never do anything with these women, but she was still pissed because we all know how women are when they are wrong, and I also believe it is because she feels like she lost some leverage on me that weekend.

When talking to these girls I used everything I learned in the Tao of Badass, knew exactly what to say to keep the conversation going, I knew how to sit, how to convey myself, and even use my body language and my eyes to communicate. The Tao of Badass is really a guide that covers every aspect that a guy needs to pick up on hot women. It probably should be outlawed because it really does give average guys, regardless of looks, weight, success an unfair advantage.

The Tao of Badass – Written by josh pellicer after years of research

Listen guys, this really does give you an unfair advantage with the opposite sex. The Tao of Badass was created specifically for guys like us who have problems approaching and talking to beautiful women, then knowing what to do when the time is right. You will learn how to close the deal with the women of your dreams. All you have to do is click below to get the Tao of Badass for yourself and start bringing home beautiful women this weekend.


How To Seduce Women With The Tao of Badass

Sleep With Beautiful Women Tonight

Hey Rob here and I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this book through reading The Tao of Badass reviews. I’ve always wanted to learn how to seduce women and have more confidence to approach beautiful ladies. I guess you could have described me then, as a bit of a geek and not really good with women. Actually, you could say I royally sucked at picking up women.

The Tao of Badass

Ladies Killer -WIMP!

I am not saying that there is anything magical about this book. I mean women won’t fall out of the sky or anything magical like that. However, after reading it you will overflow with confidence. Women will approach you, instead of the other way around. They’ll start asking you out once you apply a few methods in the book.

Joshua Pellicer who wrote the book has wonderful credentials and knows a thing or two about dating. Joshua actually conceived all the ideas in the book. Joshua conducted loads of experiments and discovered the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t. Being an expert at Best free Asian dating sites in Australia also requires someone to know what doesn’t work. The only way of knowing this for sure, is by covering every potential situation.

When buying this downloadable book there are also four, bonus books. If you ever lose the program you get lifetime access to the site so you can download it again.

The book goes over 100 pages and is jam-packed with really wonderful, working tricks. You don’t even need to be physically attractive to get a hot girl. It’s important to read each page because there’s specific advice on what to do in certain situations.

The Tao of Badass

Pick up hot women tonight.

I remember reading about a situation when loads of guys are all trying to get that one, hot woman. It’s a tricky situation, but Joshua revealed a really sneaky tip that will not only help reduce their odds of dating the girl, but increase your own chances of winning the girl. I love the fact, that there’s no cheesy chat up lines like there are in some books. It’s all about specific techniques that when used correctly will win the girl of your dreams.

Tao of Badass will teach you how, where, why and what your girl is thinking and feeling. If you want to win back an ex then this book can definitely help. Before I read this book I had problems speaking to girls, but now I have no problems. Once you know how to speak on a one-to-one basis, it gets easier to form relationships. Talking to a woman is really important as you only get one chance to seduce her. After reading the book, I can genuinely say that I have more confidence. I no longer fear approaching a woman. Before reading it, I thought I was alone in this fight. Now I feel like I have an edge and enjoy dating hot girls. I can talk to girls that other men are afraid to approach. I’m so pleased that I bought this book because it has totally changed the way I view women. I’m still a bit of a geek, but I know how to win my women.

Learn the secrets to date any woman you want.

Click below to pick up your copy of The Tao of Badass and start having women drooling to meet you so you can make their weekends memorable. Sleep with the women you dream of instead of the ones you settle for. Have your friends admiring you for your abilities to pick up beautiful women.


The Tao of Badass Review: Can it really enhance your love life?

WARNING: The Tao of Badass e-book can cause late nights, weak knees, and extreme thirst. Your weekends will never be the same. If you are researching the Dating System by Joshua Pellicer, this could very well be THE LAST article you will need to read today.”

Are you a guy that has problems picking up and communicating with women, or do you want to pick up your game? We will be reviewing the Tao of Badass dating system developed by Josh Pellicer. He spent a lot of time and energy researching and experimenting with different dating scenarios so he could provide a high quality, well received dating system.

Product Description

The Tao of Badass is an e-book containing successful dating techniques that men of any stature can use to pick up the women of their dreams. Created by Josh Pellicer, it teaches men how to approach women, carry on enticing conversations, and explains what to say and the best time to say it. It provides a flow chart you can use that explains a “do this and not that” technique that is guaranteed to work, and you also get over $2300 in bonuses.

The Tao of Badass is different than many other dating systems out on the market today because it shows men what they have to do to date any woman they want, not just women who are in “their league”. But this system is different because it not only talks about the dating aspect, but also seduction techniques that you could be using tonight. The Tao of Badass has all the ideas and concepts that were personally developed by Josh Pellicer. These are methods that Josh, himself conducted in real life experiments during his research. Josh made sure he was covering every situation that you will likely experience when attempting to pick up women.

Buyer Description

When you decide to buy the Tao of Badass you should be prepared to be “WOWED” by the contents. You will get all the ideas and concepts developed personally by Josh Pellicer after many trials and tribulations in real life experiments. You will receive probably the most detailed and important book ever written on the subject. You will also receive 9 bonus products worth $2394 on different methods in dating.

These are methods that can be used on any women you choose, and with great success. Make your weekend nights far more exciting knowing that you will be bringing another beautiful woman home and enjoying another mind blowing sexual experience. Forget about waiting until 2AM when the bars close and you are hoping to get the scraps that are left over. You will be able to leave when you want and with whom you want, and your friends will be watching you in total awe.

So what are you going to learn in this course?

Every page you read will be filled with exciting information, but you will definitely find some gold nuggets of information that you would not be able to find anywhere else. For example, What would you do if there is a hot girl that you were attracted to but so were a hundred other guys, all looking for the same thing you are? This book is going to show you what you can do to separate yourself from the crowd and use what they are doing against them. The methods taught in this course is going to separate you from the other 99% of horny bastards out there.

You will also learn how to talk to a woman in an intimate setting when it is just you and her. This is something that if you screw up you will be going home alone without a phone number or anything else. If you can’t talk to a woman alone then how will you expect to talk to her in the bedroom. As basic as it sounds this is one of the most crucial points when trying to seduce a woman.

This system is going to teach you how to gain self-confidence, a very important aspect when trying to seduce a woman, even if deep down you are shaking like a little boy. The Tao of Badass attraction system teaches that a faked confidence can still work. The simple act of believing you are confident works, and the Tao of Badass teaches all of that to you.

One of the most important lessons you will learn with the Tao of Badass is the art of decoding the female body language correctly. It provides you an easy way to read the signals she is sending you, and you will have to watch every move she makes. You will know exactly what women are thinking. This knowledge alone is worth the price of




Thanks for all you do and the tremendous help you provide from the question/message boards.”
Atlanta, GA

“I get so much more attention from women just by walking into a room. Its amazing. Your concepts are so detailed and easy to follow. Its not even like I’m putting on a display or being fake, body language has become natural in my life.”
Milan, Italy

“This knowledge has COMPLETELY changed my thoughts and solidified my self-confidence in conversation with women.”
Tuebingen, Germany
Customer Stories:

“I’m a psychotherapist… I prefer your book better than any other on the topic”
“I’m actually married and read your stuff partly because I have a few clients (I’m a psychotherapist) who struggle with how to get women in their lives… I prefer your book better than any other on the topic.”
Richmond, VA

“Everyone’s reacting differently to me… I am truly free from my low self esteem.”

“The greatest discovery of my life. You pretty much saved my life (literally)… You’re a god send! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for your great effort in putting this stuff together. I’m just living a totally new existence…. Everyone’s reacting differently to me… I am truly free from my low self esteem.”
Melbourne, Australia

“I’ve discovered and cultivated a level of self-confidence that I have never had in my life…”

“I don’t feel alone anymore, I’ve discovered and cultivated a level of self-confidence that I have never had in my life, and my hope for future happiness is restored, whereas before I never thought I’d find happiness again… Oh well, you young whippersnappers can ever say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”
Chuck B
Iowa City, IA


What are the Cons??

No system is perfect, not even the tao of Badass, but the cons need to be pointed out so you can make a smart buying decision.

This is an e-book so you need a way to download the information, or print it out so you can read it on hard copy, which is going to cost a little bit. But I am sure a friend will be more than willing to help you out. He will be interested also.

You also need to be aware that following the system will result in the ability to attract and have crazy passionate sex with almost any woman you want. But you have to follow the whole system, not just bits and pieces. If you do you could fail miserably. So make sure you are committed 100% before attempting to seduce the ladies.

Remember, no book, movie, or school will turn into a sex machine overnight and anything you accomplish has to be worked on until you have the confidence of a porn star.

If you’re ready to release your inner bad ass and start picking up or dating any women you like and really enjoy your new love life then this is definitely for you. It WILL change your life. The Tao of Badass is all you will ever need to become the man you always wanted to be.


The Tao Of BadAss – Why Should I Read It?

The Tao Of BadAss - Yes You Should Read It.

So I know that you have heard of the now famous e-book The Tao Of Badass by Josh Pellicer on how to talk, and if your lucky pick up women. You are probably asking yourself why should I read it.

Well I am here to tell you that if you ever had problems before talking to women this is a must read for you, your friends, and anyone else you know who is at home right now on a Friday night doing nothing. It is a very enlightening book that explains in detail how to talk with women so they are not repulsed by you but actually attracted to you. The Tao Of BadAss is a very well written e-book that gives the usually reserved man confidence and enables him to effortlessly find a member of the opposite sex and begin a social interaction.

Now I am not saying this will work 100% of the time, but the real question is how often is what you are doing now working. The fact is it will increase your confidence around attractive women. The Tao Of BadAss teaches you how to approach a woman and what to say to her to gain her interest. It also goes into detail about how to keep a conversation going when you have her attention. How to be witty and personable regardless of the setting you are in.

<< Click Here To More Info More About The Tao of Bad Ass >>

The Tao of BadAss is a must buy e-book if you would like your weekend encounters to become a little more, shall we say, risque. It is a complete e-book and membership site on how to start and continue a new relationship with the woman of your dreams.thetaoofbadass

The Tao Of Badass is one of the top dating books online for guys that are looking to meet someone of the opposite sex.

Conversation is just one of the many skills needed to be a BadAss guru with women. If you try to learn the skills and attitudes you need without the help of someone who has been in your shoes but has been freed then you will continue to sit at home on Friday and Saturday nights playing video games with your dog. Don’t let your social life run on autopilot, do something about it. The Tao Of Badass e-book is the perfect solution to your problem.

Josh Pellicer says “I don’t believe in gimmicks, games or PUA tricks (which always fail in the long-run). I do believe in good, solid information that can help you become the rare man who can attract – and keep – a quality woman in your life”. Check out the Tao of Badass e-book now and give yourself the well-deserved treasure of incredible relationships with beautiful women.

The Tao Of Badass – A Single Man’s Dating Bible

So what is The Tao Of Badass all about you ask? Well, very clearly it is a dating product that offers unmatchable potential when it comes down to teaching men various ways to attract beautiful women and win over their hearts.

If this seems like blah blah blah, and you have done your research and are ready to get your copy then click here.

Before going in depth it is very important to understand that the information learned in this course should be used wisely and taken very seriously because while sleeping with random women can be fun, it does get lonely after awhile.

The information that you are about to see is very powerful indeed. Guys that are poor, unattractive, shy, fat, skinny, are now on equal footing with the guys who seem to always get lucky whenever they want.

The tao of badass is a dating product that consists of a 150 page e-book that is written by Joshua Pellicer, a dating expert and coach. The Tao of badass e-book works as a guide for those men who feel they are losers when it comes to meeting and talking to women.

The tao of badass system was created to give all men, regardless of their genetics or their wealth, the information they need to attract the women they desire. After reading the informative guide men will understand that seducing women is a skill that every man should learn. This book enables any man to gain the knowledge of the secrets and skills on how to become a complete badass in the field of women seduction.

Heard Enough? Well then Watch this Video.

Is it any good?

The Tao of Badass PDF is one of the most comprehensive guides available for men online, or anywhere for that matter. This system has been introduced by famous dating expert Joshua Pellicer. Ultimately, the book is focused on assisting men with the process of understanding women, and reinforcing their own level of confidence in a single man’s world. Men usually go about picking up on women in the wrong manner. They don’t look for the signs that women are sending out. The guys are in such a hurry that they neglect what the women are telling them subconsciously. What you see is what you get

It is recommended that anyone who wishes to seek information and guidance to increase his success rate with women should definitely listen to what Joshua Pellicer has to say. He has been featured on many daytime talk shows as well as late night information shows. He has done all the research for you and has provided us guys with a golden opportunity that will not only help us with female companionship, but change the way we interract with women from now on. The tao of badass is so good that its content makes you aware of understanding gender polarity and to what psychological action would trigger the mood of of your potential mate.

Here is just a sample of what you get with the Tao of Badass.

  • What you should say in order to get rid of your rivals easily and win over your mate.
  • What physical appearance you should work on so you can boost your confidence level and attract more women.
  • How you can easily work your way out of the dreaded friend zone.
  • Learn the steps necessary to meet and date a woman.
  • Understand and read the body language of a woman and to use it to your advantage.
  • Reveal the techniques to becoming the most loved one in the eyes of women.

Check out this video to learn more of what is available in the Tao of Badass.

This is a work of art by Joshua Pellicer. He did plenty of research for us and it has paid off for average guys everywhere. Thousands of guys are using this unbelievable product to change their lives and dating the women they always wanted. So what are you waiting for, there is no time like the present for you to join the club and start making your weekends fun again. So Follow this link and let the games begin.